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The Shanessa Création brand was born unofficially in 2012 but was officially launched on January 1, 2023 .

Shanessa Créations is the story of a passionate woman who took pleasure in making and wearing her own jewellery.

But by dint of being challenged for her creations, she ends up creating models for her friends, her family and finally strangers...

One thing leading to another, his brand was born. Doubt has given way to certainty and it is with pleasure that you can read us and wear our creations today.

We make jewelry by hand and take care to make it as attractive and safe as possible. The handmade is full of imperfections that make the creations perfect.

Our main materials are stainless steel, wood, gemstones (semi-precious) and pearls.

When we do not use stainless steel, this is specified.

Shanessa means " God is gracious/merciful ", a meaning that has enormous value in our eyes, and it is also the contraction of Shaïna and Vanessa, mother and daughter.